MEP Contracting Works

Being one of the professional MEP Contracting Companies and supported by our Certified Engineers, our MEP Division is responsible for handling MEP Projects through all the phases in accordance and full coordination latest standards and regulations, starting with the design reaching to installation, commissioning, and complete handing over.

Our MEP services include

  • Supply & Installation of LV cables and its complete accessories
  • Supply & Installation of cable joints, termination kits, glands, lugs, etc
  • Supply & Installation of road works such as light poles, LCC’s, FP’s, ST’s, etc
  • Supply & Installation of fire alarm systems (conventional and addressable systems) including fire fighting items such as fire pumps, fire hose rails, fire hydrants, and sprinkles systems
  • Supply & Installation of window AC’s, split units, FCU’s, package units, and air handling units
  • Supply & Installation of HVAC systems
  • Supervision & execution of mechanical works, open-close parenthesis, plumbing, water supply and drainage
  • Supervision of hot water solar system, filtration system, and hot & cold water supplies
  • Installation of building management system (conduits, trucking, trays, etc.)
  • Design, implementation, maintaining, and improving electrical instruments, equipment, facilities, components, products, and systems for commercial, industrial, and domestic purposes
  • Preparations of temporary site offices (caravans) including MEP and low current systems
  • Dealing with traffic control systems in-coordination with subcontractors such as M/s Siemens (AG)
  • Review and study of electrical and mechanical drawings including design drawings